Sales Solutions

Don't take your sales reps out of the field, and away from their customers, for a meeting. Have them dial into a reservationless, toll-free conference call from wherever they may be. Or, use Unified Meeting® 5 to conduct a web conference and give sales presentations virtually. Holding weekly teleconferences is a great way to stay in touch with your managers. In turn, managers can stay on top of their reps' pipelines and share the latest initiatives.


  • Qualify prospects
  • Give final presentations to decision makers
  • Announce contests and winners
  • Host weekly status updates
  • Hold motivational meetings
  • Conduct product training
  • Enable "strategy swaps"
  • Update teams on goals/contests


  • Web conferencing allows for collaboration and quick decision making.
  • Toll-free access lets sales reps join conferences from any location.
  • An interactive forum facilitates discussion from all team members.
  • Automated entry into your call means your meetings start on time.


  • Desktop video conferencing with a web camera enables face-to-face communication.
  • Individual line muting reduces background noise.
  • Conference call roster identifies everyone in the conference.
  • Charges for actual conference usage means short calls have small bills.