Unified Meeting® 5

As a small business, it's important to look professional in your online meetings. That's why using a proven, enterprise-quality platform for your business conversations from a leading online meeting provider is critical for your success. InterCall's online meeting solution is easy-to-use and features integrated audio, video and web conferencing.

Top Ten ReviewsEnhance Conference Calls with Web Presentations

InterCall's web conferencing solution allows you to show attendees what you're talking about on conference calls. Whether you need to share a presentation, show your desktop or edit a document, Unified Meeting® 5 gives you the tools to collaborate visually. It even includes web cam video and online controls to mute and disconnect people on the phone.

Unified Meeting® 5 allows you to:

  • Show presentations, applications or your entire desktop.
  • Collaborate on key documents for faster decision making.
  • Schedule and start meetings in just a few clicks with our free Outlook® and Google Gadgets™ plug-ins.
  • Access web conferences on the go with your iPhone® or Android&trade phone.
  • Meet like you were in the same room with built-in web cam video conferencing.
  • Manage your audio conference calls online: mute lines, disconnect callers and even dial-out to join or start meetings.

Enterprise Web Conferencing

If you need a corporate solution for web conferencing, Unified Meeting® 5 is a great place to start. View all the features available when you choose Unified Meeting® 5 as your enterprise online meeting service or request custom pricing for your organization.

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Unlimited Web Conferencing

Perfect for anyone who hosts frequent web conferences. We'll bill your card at the same monthly rate no matter how many online meetings (or conference calls) you host each month.
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Pay Per Minute

Great if you only need periodic access to a web conferencing service. There are no setup fees and no recurring monthly fees. You'll only pay when you host a web conference.
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