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Unified Meeting® 5 is easy-to-use and features integrated audio, video and web conferencing—all the features you need to get people on the same page.

Application Sharing

Share any application from your computer. You can also grant control to authorized participants to edit your shared documents while in the meeting.

Desktop Sharing

Share your entire desktop with web meeting participants. They can see all open applications and follow along with your every move.

Desktop Video

View and broadcast live video of moderators and participants in your web meeting by using a standard desktop video webcam.

Email Invitations

Send participants invitations from your Outlook® or Google Gadgets™ calendar for easy, one-click access to your web meeting.

Moderator Controls

View the voice and web connectivity status of your participants using the available list in your web meeting interface. You also have the ability to mute/unmute lines and disconnect participants.

What is Application Sharing? ...and other FAQs

What is application sharing?

Application sharing allows you to make any application on your computer visible to participants in your web meeting. You can share a specific file or your entire desktop for other participants to view and annotate. If given permission, a participant can do the same.

What equipment do I need to use desktop video?

To be seen by other participants, install a web video camera before starting a web meeting. Your web camera transmits live video of you to other participants. Note: You must install the Unified Meeting® 5 application to view and broadcast desktop video.

What if I do not have a web camera?

If you do not have a web camera, you can participate in a meeting and see other participants' video, but you are not able to send live desktop video. Note: You must install the Unified Meeting® 5 application to view and broadcast video.

Can I schedule unified web meetings directly from my Outlook® calendar?

Yes. You can schedule and launch web meetings directly from your Outlook calendar after you install Unified Meeting® 5 on your computer. Once downloaded, you can schedule from a new button located at the top of your calendar tool bar.

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How many people can join a web conference?

With the Pay As You Go Online Meeting planUnified Meeting® 5 supports up to 125 participants. For the Unlimited Online Meetings plan, up to 20 people can connect to the web meeting.

How do participants connect to the phone portion of a web meeting after they have joined?

Upon joining the web portion of the meeting, participants are prompted to select or enter a phone number where they will be called to join the meeting. Alternatively, participants can dial into the meeting using the onscreen instructions.

What are the system requirements?

Unified Meeting® 5 requires little to no internal resources, and supports the following operating systems:

Microsoft® Windows XP SP3/ Vista/ 7
Mac® OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher