24-hour rebroadcast:

Service which provides 24-hour access to a pre-recorded message, conference call or messaging system.


Guide to help you plan and lead your meeting or conference call effectively.


Party who arranges for their clients to use our services and is compensated for this service by InterCall.

Audio conference:

Virtual meeting conducted over the phone. All participants dial the same phone number and, using their touch tone phones, enter a passcode which connects them to the conference so that they can communicate back and forth. Also called conference call.


Billing reference:

GL account, cost code, project number, client reference, etc., which you can request to appear on your invoices for accounting convenience.



Host or leader of the meeting.


Occurs when a speaker phone that is not full digital duplex is used for meetings. When more than one participant is speaking, a voice will be cut off because the speaker phone cannot receive and send information at the same time.

Comm line:

Separate communication line in a conference used only for giving special instructions to the operator. These instructions are not heard on the conference.

Command keys:

Touch-tone commands to activate automated conference functions.

Conference coordinator:

Employee of InterCall who oversees conference functions and provides special services to conference participants. Also called operator.

Conference entry code:

Five- or six-digit code entered after you or participants have connected to the InterCall system which directs you to the appropriate meeting. Also called passcode.

Conference roster:

Option available on Reservationless-Plus® (formerly Ready-Call®) ® that allows you to play a list of names of conference participants, which are recorded upon entering the conference.

Conference security:

Option available on Reservationless-Plus® (formerly Ready-Call®) that allows you to block any more incoming lines, including InterCall operators.

Conference call:

Phone meeting which entails three or more lines brought together on a conference bridge. Also called audio conference.


Meeting virtually, either by a conference call, web conference or video conference.

Conferencing service provider:

Company who establishes a phone number and code in order to connect people by phone or a URL to connect people over the Internet. The leader of a conference generally sets up the service and pays all associated fees for the meeting.


Report sent after a reservation has been arranged, noting dial-in numbers, passcodes and conference instructions.


Desktop video:

Option with some web conferencing platforms that allows users to see each other during a meeting with the use a web cam.


Conference participants join meetings by dialing into a phone number, then entering a specific passcode.


InterCall operators dial participants at their location to connect them to the conference. Reservationless-Plus® (formerly Ready-Call®) features Chairperson Dial-out, which allows the chairperson to access an outside line, dial participants and join them to the conference.

Digital duplex:

Fully digital lines that allow for maximum clarity in sound quality. Duplexing technology allows multiple speakers to be heard at one time, without clipping or any degradation in sound quality. As close to "in-person" as it gets!

Digital recording:

Recording of your conference call that is hosted on our web site so you can send a URL to participants and they can review the audio portion of the meeting at their convenience.



Splicing in additional messages (such as a greeting or introduction) after a meeting has been recorded or removing unwanted portions of the meeting (such as personal conversation) from the final copy of the recorded presentation.

Encore replay:

Service that allows participants to dial a toll-free number in order to hear a recording of your conference call. Each caller can hear the meeting at their convenience and in its entirety.

Entry announcement:

Optional feature of Reservationless-Plus® (formerly Ready-Call®) that allows callers to record their names before entering the conference. As they connect to the meeting, their names are played into the conference to announce them.

Entry tones:

Short tones that sound when a new caller has joined the conference.



Loud, high-pitched noise which can affect a conference when speakerphones, cellular phones or three-way lines are used.


Gain control:

Function that equalizes the volume of individual lines in a conference.



When conference participants can both hear the conference and be heard by other participants. Reservationless conference calls are the most common form of interactive conferences.

International conference call:

Conference call that is either originated outside the U.S. or has participants who are located outside the U.S. These international lines can either be connected by an operator or dialed by the participants using a toll or toll-free international dial-in number.


Service provided by InterCall where a translator can either spontaneously or continuously translate conversations during your conference call into almost any language.



Participants can hear a presentation, pre-recorded message or meeting, but cannot speak or participate in the conference. This function can be enabled with touch tone keypad commands or by an operator.


Also called conference security. This option is available on Reservationless-Plus® (formerly Ready-Call®) and allows the chairperson to block any more incoming lines, including InterCall operators.



Automated event service which allows callers to connect directly to the conference without operator assistance; all conference lines are interactive for the entire meeting. These calls require a conference reservation.


Host or leader of the meeting. Also called chairperson.


Operators check a conference for sound quality and make adjustments when necessary.


Operator assisted conference:

Conference call with operators standing by to assist participants or perform pre-arranged functions. These calls require a conference reservation.

Outbound message:

Service which allows clients to record a one-minute message and play that message to a list of automatically dialed phone numbers.


Participant list:

List provided by our clients to assist operators in screening or checking in call participants.

Participant report:

List of participants on an Operator Assisted conference, customized to fit your specifications.


Five- or six-digit code entered after participants have connected to the InterCall system which directs them to the appropriate meeting.

PIN code:

Personal identification code that can be used, in some instances, to automatically identify the conference participant. PIN codes are entered in addition to the conference passcode for additional security.


Playing a pre-recorded message or music into a conference or voicemail system.


Function performed by InterCall operators who ask each participant to respond verbally or by voting via touch tone on their phone keypads. Also available with Web Visuals so that participants can see the question on their computer screen and vote via their computer.

Pre-notification service:

InterCall representatives contact your invitees by email, phone or fax to remind them of a meeting.

Presentation mode:

Option available on Reservationless-Plus® (formerly Ready-Call®) conferences which allows the chairperson to mute all lines of the callers who dialed in using the participant passcode.


Guest speaker on a conference call or web conference (not the chairperson).


Question and answer:

Function performed by InterCall operators which allows one participant at a time to ask a question. When an electronic Q&A session is conducted via Web Visuals, participants can type in their question and the call host can see them on the computer monitor.



Playing a taped presentation into a listen-only conference at designated times.


Company who uses our system to provide conference services to their clients and is paid for the service directly by their clients.


Pre-arranged event service conference listing specific instructions for the conference.


Employee of InterCall who assists clients with conference scheduling needs.

Reservationless-Plus® (formerly Ready-Call®):

Automated conference service that allows conferences of up to 40 lines to be activated without the need to call and reserve service beforehand.

Reserved events:

Service which is pre-arranged with the client's preferences for the conference noted in the reservation. This type of event can be an Operator Assisted conference call or an automated meeting.


Person at the client company who arranges for service to be performed by InterCall. This person will generally be our main point of contact.

Roll call:

Chairperson or operator calls off names of participants in order to verify attendance. With the Reservationless-Plus® (formerly Ready-Call®) reservationless service, a roll call can be done automatically when participants record their names upon entry into the call.

Reservationless conference call:

Conference that does not require a reservation or any pre-planning. A phone number and passcode are available 24/7 for your convenience.


Script reading:

Professional operators will read a customized script into any voicemail system or conference call.


Customization of conference set-up which allows participants to be grouped separately within a conference to hold a private meeting within a meeting. This option, also called breakout sessions, can sometimes be performed in a web conference.


Touch tone:

Setting on a telephone which allows tones to be heard by our automated conference system.


Every word of your conference call is put into a readable format. Several different delivery times and file formats are available.


Voice broadcast:

Service that allows you to send a pre-recorded, one minute voice messages to participants over the phone.


Function performed by InterCall operators who ask each participant to respond verbally or by voting using touch tone phone keypad commands. Voting can also be conducted via a web conference; participants can see the question on their computer screen and use their mouse to place a vote. Also see polling.


Web conference:

Generic term used to describe an online meeting where participants can interact using their computer and a phone line or streaming audio over the Internet.


Feature with most web conferencing platforms that allows users to draw and write in order to collaborate during a meeting.